Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Project


Overview:  Seeking investor interested in an opportunity to have an equity position in a Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Clinic with significantly reduced start-up costs.  The opportunity is to insert the Laser Clinic within an existing joint pain treatment clinic in Blacksburg, VA.   

Investment Details: $195,000 investment for a 30% equity position.  

The Market:  29.3% of women and 24.4% of men reported acute joint pain, which is defined as  pain suffered during the past 24 hours. With age, these figures increase. Women report pain in 3.9 joints on average and men in 3.6. In both genders the joints most affected are the shoulders, knees and hips.

Arthritis is a big contributor to joint pain with about 65 million suffering Americans.  15 million people—report experiencing severe joint pain related to arthritis.

As Americans are living longer, arthritic conditions will continue to increase.

Another group of laser patient candidates are Americans with soft tissue damage from injury or overuse.  There are about 60 million injuries reported per year in America, many of which can be treated with deep tissue laser therapies.

The Technology:

The FDA-cleared Deep Tissue Laser Therapy that will be used in the clinic is non-invasive and completely safe. It works by emitting specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions. Light energy enters the damaged cells and stimulates intracellular activity, reducing pain in the treated area, and speeding recovery time. It treats the pain and inflammation associated with many common orthopedic conditions including knee osteoarthritis, back pain, rotator cuff and other shoulder muscle tears, tennis elbow, sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle tendinitis, and more.